KME Group

kme КМЕ Group is European industrial group with a leading position in the global market for copper and copper alloy products.

KME Group has ancient historical traditions and deep roots in all European countries and today it has a leading position in the world copper processing industry. In fact KME Group has a leading position in the market of copper and copper alloy products.

Team of international managers manage KME Group company and it has representations in five continents. Therefore customers always get individual support. Corporate union and innovations are irreplaceable principles of the industrial group.


alcola US Alcoa Company is a global leader in lightweight metals engineering and manufacturing, innovating multi-material solutions that advance our world.

Alcoa Company is a world leader in the production of primary aluminum and aluminum products. Company findings and pioneering works in 125 years contributed largely to aerospace industry, automobiles, commercial transportation, packaging and consumer electronics products.

Alcoa Company conducts operations in 30 countries of the world and has over 59 thousand employees.


prefa PREFA Company is one of the leading companies of the world in the production of aluminum products intended for roof cladding and facade systems. The wide range of materials in terms of their color and structure enables planning any design in the field of architecture.

Austrian company PREFA has made a name for itself over the last 65 years and now has a market presence in 16 European countries.

PREFA is unity of modernity and tradition. This unity has also been reflected in its products.


prefa RHEINZINK was founded by the Grillo Stolberger Zinc companies together with  Association of German steel mills in 1966. Today it belongs to the Grillo group of companies and has a workforce of over 800 people. RHEINZINK has an international presence with representations in more than 30 countries of five continents.