Why should the roofing in Baku be made of copper?

dam_ortuyu_userBaku is probably one of the most unstable cities in the world regarding the weather. The weather is always windy, the city is in seafront and of course it is needed be careful when selecting construction materials.

In the majority of days of the year, the air humidity in Baku is above 60-70%. This moisture, of course, affects the exterior of the buildings. Buildings in our city need a quality material for the durability of the buildings and their long-term protection. Most of the buildings constructed in our capital use iron (metal tile) material. Although this is the most undesirable material for the climate of Baku, people choose this material because of the low prices. However, the roofs of the buildings being constructed, have to be changed every 10-15 years. Because the used material is quickly eroded. In addition to losing its original aesthetic appearance, it creates additional costs.

Copper roofing, covers all the above listed problems. These roofing sheets are never exposed to deterioration. On the contrary, over the years, it becomes even more beautiful. There is no need to change such roofing sheets every 15-20 years, just like other alternatives. Because once installed copper roof can be used up to 1000 years.