Copper roofing

Copper is one of the most used materials in architecture, construction and interior design fields. Copper has been widely used in design works in Europe and world since middle ages up to now. Copper is applied for various architectural elements as from churches to castles, from houses to offices. This includes roofs, domes, gutters, towers, wall junctions, etc.

The widely use of copper in architecture is related to its durability, corrosion resistance, perfect appearance, ability to change building features.

Copper is one of the materials used by people to create beauty since ancient times. And today copper roofing is an example of aesthetic beauty and sustainability.
There is no need to clean or protect copper roof from external impacts. This is especially applicable for untouchable and unsafe ranges.

Another feature of copper roofs is that it changes color from time to time. If copper roof is of a golden color for the first day, it becames brown because of natural weathering several days later. As weathering progresses it becomes green color after long years. If you want copper roof to be of a golden color forever, there are several options for this. Varnish coated copper roof doesn’t lose its golden color for years.

Architects constructed durable buildings using this material for centuries. Copper roofs are resistant to all atmospheric conditions. Many historic copper roofs have survived for over 700 years thanks to patina formation that protects roofs from any impacts. Material preserves its perfect appearance within this period. Even the results of experiments carried out in 18th century showed that life of copper roofs can be more than 1000 years.

In Middle ages buildings covered with copper roofs have preserved its beautiful appearance up to now. Roof of Hildersheim Cathedral in Germany was coated with copper in 1280. Copper roofing tested for centuries has preserved its perfectness up to date.

We can list hundreds of such architectural monuments as an example.

Copper roofs has decorated just famous buildings for centures. In Middle ages only cathedrals, castles and palaces were covered with copper. But today Armadil Group offers each Azerbaijani citizen to benefit from such great opportunities.

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