What should be considered when choosing a roof covering?

0A872821-36B3-4A19-A172-785E95A617D7large_h_3Currently, various types of roofing materials are offered in Azerbaijan on the construction market. This, in turn, creates difficulties in choosing. With the help of this article, we hope to help consumers in their choice.

First of all, it should be noted that choosing a roofing material should be chosen in that way that you would not think about it, at least, 10 more years after installation. Let's briefly consider what to regard when choosing roofing materials.

There are several types of roofing materials:

• Metal roofing. This form will have several options - metal and profiled sheeting, kenneth. Installation of a metal roof is easier and cheaper. Nevertheless, this roofing material requires a powerful wooden structure and a solid foundation. Additional elements are not very conducive to increasing the price. During the life of this roof, coating is resistant to rising and falling temperature. Such roofing materials are also considered clean roofing materials. They do not form moss.

Metal roofs are also divided into two groups:
- Ferrous metal,
- Non-ferrous metals,

Roofing relating to ferrous metals is covered with a layer of color. For such roof cover manufacturers give 10-15 years of warranty. But given the degree of corrosion of ferrous metals, such roofing coatings can break down faster.

For non-ferrous metals, you can give an example of roofing with copper, aluminum and zinc.

Copper roofs can be considered the best quality. Copper roofs do not need to be kept clean and do not need protection from external influences. This is especially suitable for remote and dangerous places.

Another feature of the copper roof is the color change over time. If on the first day the roof is covered with gold, after several days of reacting with the weather, the color changes naturally to brown. After many years, the color changes to green. In addition, if you want a roof covering always to be golden, then you also have options for this. For many years with the lacquered copper roof coating does not lose its golden color.

Aluminum and zinc roofs are also in the forefront. Compared with copper and zinc, aluminum differs in that it costs less.

If you want your building to remain beautiful for 100 years, then we advise you to use non-ferrous metals when covering the roof.
• Soft (bitumen) roofing. Various shapes, colors and shades of these roofing coverings are available. This material absorbs dust. Not resistant to high temperatures. The change in temperature damages the bitumen roofs. These roof coverings are not resistant to mechanical influences, as well as to (grades, birds, rain, snow). Under this roof covering, there should certainly be wooden planks, which raises the price somewhat.

• Natural shingles (ceramic). Shingle is one of the most expensive roofing. Shingle come to Azerbaijan mainly from Turkey and European countries. The surface of the shingles is eventually covered with a layer of dust and moss. Despite the fact that it is not resistant to changes in temperature, the shingle is resistant to mechanical influences.